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The Power of Hypnosis: How It Helps Reduce Stress and Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

What do you say to yourself each morning when you look in the mirror? Are you old, fat, wrinkled, lazy, bad hair day, ugly dress? Too tall, too short, crooked teeth?

Feeling Sick and Tired?

I’m so tired, I need a break, I think I’m catching a cold. I hope its not the flue. I’m running late, I’ll never make it to work on time, class on time, to pick up my kids on time. What am I going to fix for dinner. I’m so tired. I must be just plain old lazy. I could order pizza do I have enough gas, I hope my husband cleaned up the kitchen, of course I’ll just have to do it again because he can’t do it right….. Is it really only Tuesday. I’m gonna call in sick tomorrow.

What about at work? About your goals and aspirations?

I hate my boss, he's such a ….. Well, fill in the blank on that one……. Nothing is ever good enough for his highness. I need to find a new job. Who am I kidding? I’m too old to find a new job now, I’ll never make enough money, I’ll lose my house, how will I ever send my kids to college? I wonder if I have any sick time left. Its too late to make a change, I’m so tired. I’ll just wait, I can’t possibly do this now. She’s so much better than I am, I could never compete with that. I’m too old, they only want younger people – How about I’m too young, I should wait so that they will take me serious. And for me, I always blame my weight for everything.

And the worst…. Reasons for Procrastination.

I can’t do that until my kids are older, I can’t do that now because I have too much to do, I can’t do that now because my husband, my parents, my children come first and they need me more. I’m too tired to cook dinner, we can just order pizza. I don’t feel like cleaning up the house now, maybe if my husband and kids knew how tired I am they would do it. I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll do it next week, ………

And money ------ I can’t afford it, my kids need things first. Suzy needs braces. My husband just bought a motorcycle. A MOTORCYCLE!!!! We’re up to our eyeballs in debt and he buys a motorcycle.

You Would Never Speak to Anyone Else This way. What Gives You The Right To Speak To Yourself Like This?

Repeated negative self-talk is a form of self-hypnosis. You are actually programing your subconscious mind to work against you! 

Hypnosis is a way to allow you to bypass your conscious mind and speak directly to your subconscious. Your subconscious mind is what keeps you alive. Without you realizing it, it tells your heart to beat, your hair and nails to grow, your eyes to blink and your lungs to breathe in and out. One other very important aspect to your subconscious mind is that it never forgets and it doesn’t know the truth from a lie. If you continue to tell yourself every day how awful, fat, tired and worthless you are, your subconscious mind believes that and will act accordingly.

Did you know that children laugh on average 400 times a day? Adults laugh an average of 15 to 20. What Happened?

One time I was in Pune, India, walking next to a park. I looked down and saw a circle of people waving their arms and bending back and forth, as I walked closer, I could hear them, HA HA HA, HO HO HO, HEE HEE HEE. It was ridiculous to watch. Fake laughing. Outrageous. But I now know two things,

1 – Laughter can relax your body for up to 45 minutes

2 – Laugher strengthens your immune system and reduces the physical effects of stress.

Oh and yes, there is a third….. Laughter burns calories and helps tone up stomach muscles.

So you may be saying, OK, so let me just look in the mirror each morning and laugh at myself. I’ll be skinny in no time…….. My husband can laugh at me too, lord only knows he could stand to lose a few pounds.

But seriously, your subconscious mind does not know the difference. If you look in the mirror each and every morning, day after day, telling yourself how fat, tired, sick, stupid and unworthy you are, it will believe you. If, on the other hand, you look into that same mirror with a positive attitude, perhaps even laugh out loud, your subconscious mind will believe it is happy and act accordingly.

Fake it until you make it, I always say. It’s not so easy to just change overnight. But what you need to do is stop any time you hear negative comments coming from your own conscious mind. Stop and rewind. Or like my kids would say – do a do over. Yes, rewind and “do a do over.

Start by finding one thing you can compliment yourself on. Look in the mirror and tell yourself something like.... my hair looks great today, or I am a kind, loving person, or I did a good job, etc. Find something and repeat it to yourself while looking in the mirror. Then repeat it to yourself during the day. Then tomorrow find something else. Keep this up day after day and when you find yourself being critical, then just cancel that thought and replace it with a positive one. It really is easy, you just have to do it.

What Are the Benefits of Hypnosis?

The hypnotic state allows a person to be more open to discussion and suggestion. It can improve the success of other treatments for many conditions, including:

Phobias, fears, and anxiety

Sleep disorders



Post-trauma anxiety

Grief and loss

Hypnosis is used to help with pain control and to overcome habits, such as smoking or overeating. It also might be helpful for people whose symptoms are severe or who need crisis management.

Hypnosis can do much more than relax you. It can help prepare people for surgery and recovery, eliminate phobias, help with pain, improve sports performance, eliminate performance anxiety, the list is endless. Even Kate, the Princess of Whales used hypnobirthing!!! I have helped people overcome fear of the dentist, and to quit smoking. If you would like to learn more, please contact me.

All the best,

Lisa Anderson C.Ht.


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