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Mind-Body Inventory and Self-Hypnosis


Mind-Body Inventory is an innovative approach to achieve optimal health, obtain personal goals and enjoy a happier, more satisfying life.  Our programs use guided relaxation and stress-reduction technicques using hypnotherepy and self-hypnosis to help your mind and body to heal.


Learning to use self-hypnosis is a valuable skill that will aid you throughout your lifetime.  I will teach you how to use self-hypnosis.  You may then use self-hypnosis to rid yourself of stress, calm your nerves, sleep better, ease pain, reduce hot flashes, ease irritable bowel syndrome, restore vitality, perform better in stressful situations.... the list is endless.


Mind-Body Inventory is available for individual and group sessions.


  • Learn to  put yourself in a trance

  • Learn to re-write your negative thought processes

  • Learn the Mind-Body Inventory Process, developed by Lisa Anderson to improve your life in every way.

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